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Not the most useful thing in the world, but it would be damn cool if i was playing LBP with my friends and could see them as well, thanks for [email protected] I agree that the tutorials won’t reach the people who should be seeing them. LBP should have a lot of family appeal, but it’s released on a system with almost no family appeal.

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Gaming sites only appeal to hardcore gamers, which can be testified to by Little Big Planet sales.

With live images sharing, audio and video messages, they use it constantly.

WHVR Digital Broadcasting has tried several online chat rooms over its 12 years of service, but has finally found one that we can call home!

I do have a question about video chat, i heard some rumor around the time that we got in-game XMB that sometime you would be giving us cross gaming video chat, maybe just a little half size image where the notices pop up in the right side of the screen.

I figured you could use that by using the resorces from in-game XMB, and by pass that and only let it either have a video, or in-game XMB.

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