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Actors Geoffrey Arend, Alison Brie, Mark Webber, Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr pose for a portrait during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival at the Wire Image Portrait Studio at T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 21, 2012 in Park...

Sisters Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) and Beth (Alison Brie) are in relationships with bandmates Andrew (Martin Starr) and Kevin (Geoffrey Arend). Sarah, an artist, moves in with Kevin but struggles to overcome her ambivalence.

She kisses him and the movie ends with Sarah saying "Jonathan".

One of the nice thing about being at Sundance is that the festival is a break from watching movies about people who are ostensibly like me: young, white, urban professionals.

I understand that continuing pregnancies is a way of keeping a plot going, and of upping the emotional impact of a relationship.

But there’s something kind of odd about when male writers think women will be less than careful about birth control.

None of this is incredibly new territory, but all of the relationships have a specificity that works.

Beth and Sarah are clearly playing out long-established scripts as they move through a series of swiftly-unfolding big events.

When Kevin confronts Jonathan over his relationship with Sarah, Jonathan says mildly, “If I were you, I wouldn’t have done this, but I’d have been really upset…I want you to know I’m entirely sympathetic to your situation.” “Dude,” Kevin tells him.

At this point Sarah has a first solo show of her work.

Andrew, Kevin, and Jonathan all attend, but Beth doesn't.

Kevin, ignoring warnings from Andrew, proposes to Sarah from the stage.

Overwhelmed, she moves out and gets her own apartment.

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