Lady chatterley s lover sex scene

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Penguin had always boasted (though not entirely accurately) that it published 'complete and unabridged’ texts and the successful passage of the Obscene Publications Act seemed to clear the way for the unabridged Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

’ Rubinstein presumably agreed; she was not troubled further.One of these was Edith Sitwell, on the grounds that her brother supposedly provided a model for Sir Clifford Chatterley; another was the author L P Hartley.T S Eliot was also a candidate for the prosecution, on the basis that he had once criticised Lady Chatterley’s Lover in print.The latest edition of Lady Chatterley’s Lover has been published with little fanfare, no salacious press reports and no questions raised in Parliament.Copies are unlikely to be burned in public, there will be no prosecution, and no one is likely to be depraved or corrupted or even slightly outraged.

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