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You seemed to like my last trick, the invitation for a free drink, I decided to try it once more.

I chose a small restaurant and picked some nice girls.

I spent about two hours chatting with her and then all of a sudden asked her to fuck me for 20,000 CZK.

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Luckily, in that restaurant I met Veronika, the waitress who looked like sister of Anna Kournikova!!Enjoy this loveable waitress (Kournikova), one of the prettiest girls in the history of Czech Streets.1berto, acestro, apeyboy, Batista259, Black Roque, Blue Voodoo, bonovox77, boster, csm3112, Dingsbums, Durlanac, Du Ty, eliksir, Ero Sannin_23, flyingrabbit, freddo, Green Lee, gusgute, hackymc, hemp, homer23, ivoat16, Janstheman, kyigorra, levilove, mrhot, nelssao, nexus7, nicola88, nobby159, nxman, pajaloves, pol27, porn BBQ, pronto7673, remingtonsteele, Roberto27, robogarbage, rpqr, Sam_Fisher, Sissy000, snuffel, spurrier, super1793, undsofritten, vnmenon, vojakkkk, voyeur_dude, weserbutscher, Wobbler, xx1024 For this episode, I have a really special treat for you.We all know that Czech girls just love stuff they can get for free; it really works.I was lucky and very soon met this gorgeous 19-years-old and lured her into that restaurant with the bait in form of a free drink.

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