Drake equation dating

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Enter the parameters inside the calculator and find the number of possible radio communication civilizations.

Where, N = Number of Communicative Civilizations R = Rate of Formation of Suitable Stars (Stars Such as Our Sun) fp = Fraction of those Stars with Planets.

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi reasoned that if it takes life billions of years to develop intelligence and signal or travel to the stars, and if there are billions of worlds in the universe, and if the universe is over 13-billion years old, then why haven't we been visited by ET, or why isn't the galaxy crawling with ETs?

Recent insights in such fields as cosmology, astrobiology have changed our perception of the cosmos and the ways in which advanced life might develop.The movie "Contact" has a good depiction of the detection of an ET signal and subsequent events.What are the possibilities that we will find ET signals?Looking at the Drake equation factors, says Astrobio.net, it is obvious that none can be precisely determined by modern science.More than that, as we move from the left to right in the equation, estimating each factor becomes more controversial.

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