Dido armstrong dating

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Neil Mc Caul [ Hoaxer ], Matthew Ashforde [ Despatch Rider ], Sharon Mac Kenzie [ Lynn Yeats ], Jon Cartwright [ Spokesman ] Damien is aghast when he finds he is not the only one who can fabricate a story.Charlie Creed-Miles [ Carl ], Stephen Jameson [ 1st Skinhead ], Bob Fletcher [ 2nd Skinhead ], Robert Woolley [ Theatregoer ] George is in trouble with is daughter, Sally is still a Christian, and Damien bets that he can live as a down-and-out for 6 days and nights.Paul Clayton [ Mike ], Rosemarie Ford [ Herself ], Larry Hoodekoff [ Man in Field ] Henry turns 62 and gets back on the streets to prove how young he feels.

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But maybe, Joy could do wonders for his intestines.Paul Clarkson [ Pat Pringle ], Geoffrey Whitehead [ Lawyer 1 ], Elizabeth Mc Kechnie [ Lawyer 2 ], Trevor Danby [ Judge ], Andrew Green [ Reporter 1 ], James Mc Cusker [ Reporter 2 ], Kenneth Wolstenholme [ Commentator ] The tabloids have put it about that Sally is not the most able, attractive and exciting member of the Globelink team, so she decides to sue.Gus has no choice but to use blackmail to make sure she has solid evidence for the court case.Louise Milwood-Haigh [ Deborah ], Helen Masters [ Director ], Clive Mantle [ Police Inspector ], Philip Glenister [ Harrison ], Daphne Oxenford [ Old Lady ], Phil Nice [ Man in Bed ], Maxine Ostwald [ Woman in Bed ], Lacey Monks [ Little Girl ] George faces problems from a visiting documentary team and his delinquent teenage daughter.Dariel Pertwee [ Floor Manager ], Ken Livingston [ Himself ], Sir Teddy Taylor [ Himself ] The Globelink newsroom is awash with MPs hauled in to talk on air about the recession. Christine Kavanagh [ Estelle ], Kate Mc Enery [ Imogen ], Sarah Mortimer [ Jean ], Luke de Lacey [ Runner ] Gus refuses to give Damien the green light for his racy documentary on prostitution, and Helen refuses to reveal the names of her sources when the Government start to challenge Globelink's independence.

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