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Doctors have an ethical and professional responsibility to sustain life when possible.Measure #16 would create an environment where physician-assisted suicide becomes the first line of defense against terminal diseases, resulting in final and fatal decisions.The medical profession cannot be society's healer and killer at the same time.Measure #16 prescribes suicide as a treatment for disease.However, in a case where even one injection of morphine might cause spontaneous respiration to cease, it is forbidden to administer this drug, even if he is in serious pain, unless the patient will be mechanically respirated.

In fact, with the chance of doing away with sick people, there will be less reason to spend millions on medical research.

Physicians are required only to suggest the patient notify family members, leaving many to choose suicide without the support of loved ones. Cost containment is a positive and necessary step toward health care reform.

However, in this environment Measure #16 is dangerous.

People do not realize the full scope of evil they invite if they seek to legalize euthanasia.

Measure #16 was a referendum presented to the residents of the State of Oregon in 1994 concerning the "Death with Dignity Act." We present here the argument of C.

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    The Register of The Names of Those Who Fell in The 1939-1945 War and Are Buried in France.

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    of this year that amended the Family Code to allow for a couple to be considered “living separate and apart” while still living under the same roof for purposes of establishing a date of separation as a precursor of divorce.