Celebrity dating lachey nick who yoga on line dating

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The same Drake who publicly feuded with Chris Brown about also sleeping with Rihanna. Well, that's one way to get people to see a movie, I guess.Alec Baldwin may seem like a nice guy now, but listen to the message he left his daughter, Ireland Baldwin, regarding his divorce from Kim Basinger.Not only did they pull out all the stops with their looks, but they even took the extra step to coordinate with their loved one.

Chris Brown commented on the breakup during a show, and then the two of them had a very public argument over social media, airing each other's dirty laundry.To help build his case, Cannon's attorneys forced Mariah Carey to miss rehearsals for a big tv performance.After apparently being dumped via text message, Katy Perry revamped her image and started releasing more adult sounding music that was clearly about the end of the relationship.At least give people some enjoyment out of the break up.Here are 10 other celebrity breakups that played out in the public spotlight.

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