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According to Viner, the supplement sold there was fake and contained furosemide.The Committee requested that the Goodwill Games Organizing Committee nullify Kabaeva and Tchachina's results.I just want a man who would make me feel loved, who would know how to put the smile on my face, when to talk and when to keep the silence because when you are with the right person, you don’t need words, you understand each other by a look, the language of the body guides you!The current relationship status of Alina Kabaeva is not known. However, on the eve of the competition, Kabaeva withdrew due to an injury.Viner selected rising upcoming gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva from Russia's National Team as the replacement.Kabaeva went on to win a total of 5 All-Around titles at the European Championships.

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In 1998, the 15-year-old Kabaeva won the European Championships in Portugal.

Viner, the Russian Head Coach, who also served as the Vice President of the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee at the time, said her gymnasts had been taking a food supplement called "Hyper", that contained mild diuretics, which, according to Viner, the gymnasts were taking for premenstrual syndrome.

When the supply ran out shortly before the Goodwill Games, the team physiotherapist restocked at a local pharmacy.

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